William Mezrani (2010)
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Dear Mr Brown,

I am writing here to thank you for preparing me so well at Mosman Prep as I feel that the work at Shore hasn’t been that difficult. Today we finished the half yearly exams and tonight I'm watching the State Of Origin because I don’t have to study.

It is a great thrill to play against all my friends in rugby. I have already competed against Ed Harry who is at Scots in basketball and rugby. I still like to see all my other friends from Prep on the weekends.

Shore is a really great school and my house, Eldershaw, has lots of older boys who are really nice to me. The library is amazing and there is a trophy for the strongest boy at Shore. Luke and I are still playing our bagpipes and we were in the Shore House Music Festival.

My maths teacher was captain of my house in 2002 and we get on really well. Our classes are 45 minutes long then we change classes. I have made friends with the boarders from the country. I always see the older Mosman Prep boys at Shore, which is great. We have two sergeants’ majors at our school who are the disciplinarians and they are extremely strict. So, to all the boys out there, make the most of Mosman Prep, work hard and enjoy it.

Thank you and I hope we can keep in touch.
William Mezrani