Alexander Fitzpatrick (2009)
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Dear Mr Brown,
I am sorry that it has taken me so long to write back but I have been a little bit busy with my assignments and exams.

At the start of the year I tried out for the basketball team and out of 7 teams I made it in to the A's. I played against James Berkman, Ryan McCartney, Ollie Poiner, Tom Vanderzeil and Luke Harry. We were undefeated the whole season.

We just finished the rugby season and I was in the D's and E's with Ben Jilek. We were also undefeated in the rugby season and were the only team apart from one other to do so. I played right wing and through the season I scored around 6 tries. Our last game was against Newington and we beat them 60-5.
Soon I will be trying Surf Life Saving as something different because I have already played Basketball, Cricket, Tennis and Athletics. Next year I am going back to Basketball.

Academically I am going pretty well. I am in the top maths class, extension English and in P.D.H.P.E I am one of the star pupils. My homeroom teacher is one of the most (is one of the most liked) if not the most liked teacher in year 7.

Riverview is great! It is huge and the various sporting and academic facilities are endless. I hear you are good mates with Mr Hogan so you probably know but there are 9 fields, 9 tennis courts, 11 basketball courts, a large gym, 2 theatres, 3 chapels and an indoor 25m pool with a diving board.

From Zander.

P.S. My Science teacher looks like Mr Mac and my Art teacher's name is Mr Andersen.