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Strategic Planning Focus Groups

For the past six months the school has been involved in collecting data, as it looks to the future.  All schools need to take time to look at themselves strategically and rationally to remain relevant and responsive to the different aspects of their role as learning organisations.  School Council, staff, past parents and students have been involved in data collection to date.  We have been asking questions such as: “What do we do well?” “Where are our strengths and weaknesses?” “What do we want this school to be like and look like?” “How well are we preparing our boys for the future?” “What can we improve?” How can we do things better?  We also have a great deal of information from parents whose boys have left the school at the end of Year 6.  All of this has informed our understanding of priorities to date.

We are now interested in hearing from current parents and have organised five focus group times.  These are outlined below.  I would encourage parents from across the school to attend one of these 45 minute workshops.  They will be run by Ms Sally Egan, Director of Improvement Strategy at Pymble Ladies College.  Those parents who were around the last time we embarked on a strategy review in 2010-11 will remember Sally Egan, then working with the Association of Independent Schools, was the consultant who conducted the focus groups at that time.  We have been fortunate in being able to have her assistance once again given her knowledge of the school over a period of time.  Parents can feel confident in sharing their views on future directions.

The dates have been arranged before school and at drop off times as well as one evening so that the options are as wide as possible for working parents.

  • Thursday 25 February: 7.00am-7.45am
  • Thursday 25 February: 8.20am-9.15 am
  • Wednesday 2 March: 7.00pm-7.45pm
  • Friday 4 March: 7.00am-7.45am
  • Friday 4 March: 8.20am-9.15am

Please consider coming to one of these sessions.  We value your comments.

Strategic Plan & Capital Appeal
Capital Appeal 2016

Resignation and Appointment of New Auditor

We wish to announce that the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) on 30 September 2015 gave consent for the resignation of Mr Richard Hill as the Company’s auditor. 

The Directors resolved on 29th September to appoint Mr John Skinner as replacement auditor to the Company subject to ASIC consent, with the appointment to be confirmed at the Company’s next Annual General Meeting. 

The Pen

2015 The Pen Cover

2015 The Pen


Founded in 1904, Mosman Prep (as it is fondly called) is renowned as a specialist preparatory school for boys. Our slogan 'Educating for Tomorrow, Today' encapsulates a focus on being forward looking in readiness for the complexities of the world in which the boys will live. The School is of a size where every boy is known personally. The School has two classes in each year group and a total of nearly 300 Students in the fourteen classes.

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