Biblical Studies

Mosman Prep fosters a comprehensive approach to education that occurs in the context of a personalised, Christian philosophy. This is reflected in faith being the core school value that holds the other values together (Respect, Responsibility, Excellence, Community). All students participate in the learning of the wisdom of God and are encouraged to take ownership of their faith journey. Each week students attend Biblical Studies classes, Junior and Senior Primary Chapel.

Students attend a weekly Chapel Service. There is a Junior (kindergarten to Year 2) and Senior (Years 3 to 6) Primary Service that occurs during School hours. Chapel comprises of fun, engaging, relevant and contextualised Bible talks. We sing traditional hymns and contemporary songs that communicate great gospel truths. Each week a class is assigned to read the bible and lead us in a time of prayer.

Biblical Studies
From Early Entry through to year 6, students participate in weekly biblical studies lessons where the truths of the bible are taught, discussed and applied to students’ everyday life. Naming this subject Biblical Studies and not Christian Studies or Divinity Lessons (which was its original name), is for means of clarity. The School honours the Bible as the inspired Word of God, authoritative for all human endeavour. We have also traditionally emphasised the appropriate use of reason in supporting faith, as our minds are transformed by the gospel (Romans 12:1). Thus, teaching and learning is of a strong academic standard with the Biblical Studies program providing Biblical literacy and an understanding of the Christian faith, thus seeing how faith shapes common life.

Is a voluntary lunchtime group devoted to discussing, praying and playing games that engage and assist students in their faith, love and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. It's a safe place for students to ask questions and be supported in their faith journey.

Pastoral Care
The School Chaplain engages in formal and informal pastoral care meetings with students to further promote their wellbeing. The Chaplain collaborates with the school counsellor in identifying the most suitable way to care for the needs of students.  Small group sessions or individual meetings are therefore made available for students.

Special Church Service
The calendar year comprises of three special church services for the whole School community. These are: The Easter Service (Term 1), The School’s Anniversary Service (Term 3) and a Carols and Lessons Service (Term 4)

School Chaplain
– Mr Daryl Diener