Empowering Parents


We are thrilled to invite you to a very special virtual Empowering Parents seminar with renowned family and parenting expert, Dr Justin Coulson on Thursday 14 October at 7.30pm.

The conversation about boys is becoming louder. Boys are increasingly seen as villains; as perpetrators. Toxic masculinity is staining every male with the same brush.

Everyone knows that it’s #notallboys and #notallmen. But everyone worries that it might one day be their boy. And every parent wants to know how to help their boys grow into strong, caring men.

How do we tackle conversations around respect and consent? How do we teach boys a healthy kind of masculinity that allows them to "be boys" while developing the characteristics and attributes that will stand them in good stead? How do we help them hold onto the good while walking away from the bad? And how do we help the culture see the good that is in our boys?

This seminar from leading parenting expert and father of 6 daughters, Dr Justin Coulson, will help change the way you raise and engage with your boys. You'll explore conversations and strategies to raise wise, kind, and respectful – and strong – boys into the men they can become. This is a clear, gentle, uplifting, and important reminder for parents of every young man.

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