Empowering Parents with Dr Kristy Goodwin


We invite you to join us virtually on Thursday 25 August at 7.30pm to hear Dr Kristy Goodwin speak on Raising Your Child Online. This seminar will help parents of primary school aged children to navigate the digital world with their children, without suggesting that they ban the gaming console, or iPad, or unplug the TV. Dr Kristy will arm parents with research-based yet realistic advice to help them feel confident about how they can best support their child’s physical health, mental wellbeing and learning online.

Through this presentation Dr Kristy will explore:

  • Why children find the online world captivating and how to manage their screen time so it doesn’t end in ‘scream time’ (there’s science to explain their techno-tantrums);
  • A simple (& realistic) formula to determine healthy screen time limits for children based on their basic needs;
  • Why parents need to be the pilot of the digital plan and the 3Bs that will allow them to be the pilot;
  • Why focusing on how much time they spend online is not the most important question and the 5 essential boundaries they must establish to ensure their child’s time online supports their physical health and mental wellbeing;
  • How to determine when their child is ready for a phone, social media account or gaming console (and how to deal with their constant digital requests);
  • Why digital disconnection is critical for your child.

Dr Kristy Goodwin is an award-winning researcher, speaker, author, and mum on a mission to help parents and educators raise happy, healthy children and teens who thrive online and offline.  

The event will be held via Zoom. Please register using the button above and we will send you a link closer to the event.