Coat of Arms

Mosman Preparatory School’s Coat of Arms was made possible by the P&F at the time of the School’s 75th Anniversary. It includes a mitre, a ceremonial headdress icon used by many Church of England schools. To differentiate the Mosman Prep mitre, an anchor was included, being the symbol for the Martyrdom of St Clement’s, as the School is attached to St Clement’s Church.

The shield was designed to incorporate images relating to the School’s Mosman location, such as a spouting whale on blue wavy lines. The body of the shield contains a book of learning, on a white cross over blue (indicating a connection with New South Wales), while the red border has the four stars of the Southern Cross for Australia. The oak leaves placed between the stars on the border are symbols from another significant Mosman family coat of arms.

Below the shield is the School’s motto, “Non Nobis Solum”.