Technology & BYO iPad Program

Mosman Prep is well resourced in all areas of Technology including infrastructure, hardware, software and staff training with the program overseen by a fulltime Director of Technology.

Technology is integrated across all key learning areas from Kindergarten to Year 6 and boys have access to Apple laptops and iPads on a daily basis.  Boys are taught how to use a variety of applications for word processing, presentations, movie making, animation, coding, robotics, blogging and research. Additionally, the school offers a variety of applications to compliment the literacy and numeracy topics the students are taught in class.

The School’s network consisting of wired and wireless access is fast, reliable and accessible throughout the school. The network is also protected using a Cyberhound web filtering system ensuring the students work in a safely monitored environment.


All classes are taught STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) from Kindergarten through to Year 6. 

All boys from Years 4 to Year 6 are given their own Google Education Apps account, giving them access to a variety of cloud based applications such as Mail, Calendar, Drive and Docs. This allows the boys to easily create, edit and share their work with other students and teachers easily. 

2019 BYO iPad Program
The Bring Your Own iPad (BYO iPad) program commenced in January 2014 and will continue for Years 4, 5 and 6 in 2019.  Students in these year groups will be required to have their own iPad and a keyboard and bring it to and from school each day. 

Please refer to the Downloads section below for all information relating to the iPad program. In 2019, The school will use the service of a Mobile Device Management (JAMF) solution to install applications and set restrictions on behalf of the parents. 

eSafety Information for Parents
A parent portal put together by the Australian Government which has excellent and current information for parents on how they can keep their child safe in the digital environment. 

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2019 BYO iPad Program Information 

2019 BYO iPad Program Complete Information and Online Purchase Portal Link
Restoring iPad back to factory settings (Removal of School Management Settings) For Boys Leaving Prep.
2018 Year 4 Information Evening Technology / Cybersafety Slides

Student Technology Agreements

2019_K-2 ICT Student Agreement 

Bullying Policy & Cybersafety

Mosman Prep's Cyber Bullying Policy
Cybersafety Handout from Susan Mclean Talk
The Office of The eSafety Commissioner - Excellent and current Support and Resources
iParent Portal - Information on how to keep your child safe in the digital environment (eSafety Commission) 

Google Suite For Education Program

Google Apps Program Information Years 4-6

Cyberhound Web Filtering Links
BYO Netbox Certificate for iPad
Netbox Computer HTTPS Certificate
How to Block Websites on iPads and iPhones
Survey to 'What websites would you like blocked on your son's BYO iPad?'
The 6 Big Current Issues Online - For Parents and Carers


World Book Online Resources

Online Encyclopedia
World e Book
Early World of Learning