The early years spent at school are arguably the most important school years for the development of personality, intellect and character. In the early years habits and values are formed that will have a significant influence on later learning. Because of this, we consider every aspect of a boy’s development in an atmosphere of personal support, structure and clear boundaries. Academic excellence is sought, but so too are creative, artistic, musical and sporting achievements. Learning how to learn and apply knowledge is the focus of energies once mastery of prerequisites is in hand. All of this is done with an eye to developing a confident and happy personality and a recognition of the important role each boy plays in the community of learners at Mosman Prep.

We see the spiritual development of each boy as essential to a comprehensive and purposeful education. Boys are provided with a Christian education and encouraged to live out the essential Christian message in their every day lives.

Mosman Preparatory School has an outward-looking focus. Community based projects are a regular feature of school life for older boys. In every way we try to increase each child's awareness of the richness of the wider world outside the boundaries of the school and give them a strong sense that they can make a difference by their own actions. Most of our boys will go on to hold important roles in the community, so developing leadership skills and the ability to work cooperatively together are valued components of school life.

The curriculum of the School is approved by the NSW Board of Studies but is adapted for the needs of young boys. In terms of teaching practice as a staff we are constantly involved in reflecting on how best to motivate and engage young boys and teach to their point of need.

Boys from Kindergarten to Year 6 enjoy the benefits of additional staff with teaching assistants in each class from Early Entry to Year 4 supporting the academic program. Specialist Teachers take Art, Music, PE and Sports, ICT, Library, Christian Studies and Mandarin. For boys experiencing difficulty with their academic work, our Learning Support Program is a comprehensive one based on individual assessment and early intervention. For boys requiring extension several staff take specialist lessons for these boys. Specialist staff in Learning Support or in the Gifted and Talented Programs each have additional specialist qualifications.