Creative & Practical Arts

Creative Arts
Research from Sydney University (and other domains) regarding the impact of children engaging with the Arts, has highlighted the following benefits:

  • more academically engaged and motivated in other subjects
  • higher self-esteem
  • greater life satisfaction and a sense of meaning in life
  • greater ability to think for themselves
  • empowered to consider, reflect, analyse and communicate

Creative Arts is important in boys' education in that it has broader implications for the development of the whole student.

Visual Arts
Our Art program is coordinated by a specialist teacher. Boys use all the elements of art to create unique pieces of artwork, which connect to their wider learning program. Every child is given the opportunity to experience making and appreciating art. Students in Kindergarten through to Year 6 paint, draw, create mixed media work and use various modeling compounds to express themselves. Students are encouraged to learn how to frame their work and enjoy presenting it for display. Artwork is showcased in exhibitions at school and at galleries.

Our Music program is coordinated by two specialist teachers. Every child is given the opportunity to experience music through performance, composition and musicology. Performance is a particular focus at Mosman Prep. Boys will leave the school having had the experience of playing, listening and composing in each of the Instrumental Families. Every boy spends a minimum of 1.5 hours in their class Music Program each week, with additional time for boys who learn an instrument privately at the school.

All boys in the school are members of a choir, singing each week and performing regularly throughout the year at Chapel, at evening services for the whole school community and on other special occassions. The Canrobert Choir, a select choir based on audition, practices before school and perform more challenging pieces.

The Instrumental Music Program
Kindergarten and Year 1 experience music through the use of tuned and un-tuned percussion instruments. Each Year 2 student learns to play either the violin or cello. Each week, students receive instruction in small group (sectional) and large group (tutti) lessons and perform as large string orchestras. They experience works by important string composers from different historical periods.

Year 3 students learn both the recorder and return to percussion instruments at a more advanced level. Year 4 boys are introduced to the playing of 3 different instruments from the woodwind, brass and guitar families. They perform each week as separate instrumental family groups and evolve into two concert bands as the year progresses. 

In Year 5, boys focus on one instrument for the whole year and perform as part of one of two Concert Bands. The program includes a small group lesson, sectional and tutti rehearsals each week. Following their previous experiences of music at the School, Year 6 boys are now well equipped to form a nucleus of advanced players in specialist performance groups including the Jazz Band, Guitar Gig Band, Canrobert Choir and Brass Ensemble.

Private Tuition
Outside the regular music class activities, boys can elect to intensify their studies with private tuition on strings, woodwind, voice, piano, brass, guitar and percussion.

Mosman Prep offers seven years of music experiences. As a boy grows from an infant to a teenager, the performance opportunities will stand him in good stead if he wishes to continue his music in his Secondary Schooling and beyond. Regardless, the breadth of experiences will provide a foundation of appreciation and enjoyment of music throughout life.