Message From The MPOBU Committee

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Welcome to the Mosman Prep Old Boys Union website.  Please use the links above to navigate around our site.

Since Mosman Prep’s inception on 4 October 1904, over 4000 students have attended the School, and we are always keen to encourage more old boys to join the Union.

The Union was established at a meeting of some 25 old boys in November 2003 to coincide with Mosman Prep’s 100th anniversary and became an incorporated association on 13 February 2006 (see our current Constitution).  We now have almost 1000 members spread across recent leavers that are now at high school to those old boys that left more than 70 years ago. The Union is administered by a Committee (with help from the School) which is elected each year at the Annual General Meeting (usually held in May at the School) and generally holds three to four Committee meetings a year, also at the School.

The fundamental goals of the Union are to enable old boys to maintain their earliest friendships, and to keep them connected with the School. Having an Old Boys Union is somewhat unique amongst primary schools, and is evidence of the special attachment that old boys have for Mosman Prep

We hold an annual dinner (usually in late October, also at the School) and also support several additional functions held each year and organised by the various year groups concerned.  In addition, we have an informal get-together in March each year, usually at a local hotel on a “drop in” basis.

At the annual dinner, we aim to have a distinguished speaker who is either an old boy or has a special attachment to the School.  In recent years we've had speakers such as Roger Corbett (1956 leaver and former CEO of Woolworths) and David Handley (1977 leaver and founder of Sculpture by the Sea) both of whom captivated the audience with their rich tales of their time at Mosman Prep, as well as stories from their celebrated careers.

The Annual Dinner is a truly special event because it is a mix of old boys from all eras.  It is not uncommon to have leavers from the 1930s mixed in with leavers from the early 2000s, making for some great conversations. Despite the age gap, we all had many shared experiences from our early lives at Mosman Prep.

The Union also aims to publish two newsletters a year with both Prep and old boys’ news.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our Committee. We look forward to hearing from you, and welcoming new members to the Old Boys Union.

MPOBU Committee 

June 2021