Mosman Church of England Preparatory School specialises in boys’ only education. Our commitment to primary school education ensures a rich array of learning experiences, starting from the critical early years. 

In Kindergarten each day brings a variety of learning. Boys engage in reading, writing and numeracy activities on a daily basis. In addition, boys are involved in specialist lessons in and out of the classroom, including Art, Music, Physical Education and Sports, Library, Christian Studies and Mandarin 

Boys also have regular opportunities to connect and interact in nature at our Outdoor Learning Centre in Terrey Hills. With a sustainable kitchen garden, low ropes course, sports fields and much more, boys experience the joy of exploring, investigating and learning in a unique setting. 

For boys experiencing difficulty with their academic work, our Learning Support Program is comprehensive, based on individual assessment and early intervention. Research tells us it is crucial that individual learning needs are identified and supported in primary school. 

At Mosman Prep we have a number of specialised teaching staff working in collaboration with classroom teachers, and school-based Speech and Occupational Therapists, to provide students with modified and differentiated programs targeted at a boy's point of need. 

Additionally, our Gifted and Talented program is coordinated by specialist teachers who provide a supportive and challenging learning environment, which responds to the needs of more able students.  

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