Managing Stress and Anxiety

The following websites offer tips, resources and online services to help you in managing any rising anxiety or stress related to COVID-19.

Headspace is specifically for young people. However the information is extremely relevant to all of us, and if you have teens or young adults in your household, it’s a highly useful resource for you. 


Mindfulness is now more than ever needed to calm our thoughts and hearts. Smiling Mind is an evidence-based program suitable for all ages. Visit:

The following tip sheets and self -care plan are great resources for you, offering you assistance on how to look after yourselves at this time.

Tips for Coping with coronavirus anxiety (Australian Psychological Society)
Helping children with stress (World Health Organisation)
How to cope with stress-related COVID-19 (Headspace)
Tips to manage anxiety during times of uncertainty (Black Dog Institute)
Self Care Plan (Black Dog Institute)
Maintaining your Mental Health during social isolation (Australian Psychological Society).