Christian Studies

Early Entry

Hello God! is an interactive preschool program designed to provide learners with a broad understanding of the Christian faith. In Semester 1, the focus is on the themes of 'Who is God? Who is Jesus?' and 'God and his world'. A balance of Old and Testament passages are used. In Semester 2, the focus is on the themes of 'Trusting God and living for him' and 'God keeps his promises'. A balance of Old and Testament passages are used.


Beginning with God is a one-year program introducing students with little prior knowledge of the Bible to the God of all creation, the people in his unfolding plan and his Son, Jesus.

Years 1 – 5

Students engage in a 3-year Cycle of learning as expressed below.

CYCLE A: To introduce students to God and his Word

Students will become familiar with God who made us, who loves us and saves us from the consequences of turning against him. They will learn how God is always faithful to his people and what it means for people to have faith in God.

A1 – Concentrates on OT

  • Term 1 – God our creator who loves us and saves us
  • Term 2 – Trusting God who is faithful – people who learnt to trust God

A2 – Concentrates on NT

  • Term 3 – Jesus teaches about having faith in God
  • Term 4 – Trusting and following Jesus

CYCLE B: To explore how God makes and keeps his Promises

Students will learn about people who received promises from God and will come to understand that God’s promises can be trusted. They will learn how Jesus fulfils God’s promises and why people continue to trust Jesus today.

B1 – Combination of OT and NT

  • Term 1 – Who is Jesus? (Luke’s Gospel)
  • Term 2 – God’s big Promises – Abraham to Joseph

B2 – Combination of OT and NT

  • Term 3 – God keeps his promises – Moses to the Promised Land
  • Term 4 – God’s promises for the whole world – Romans

CYCLE C: God’s Kingdom is eternal and because of Jesus we can be part of God’s family

Students will learn about God the King and how he calls people to live under his leadership. They will understand that although people reject God’s kingship and experience the consequences of their rejection, God’s kingdom plan continues. Students will consider how Jesus reveals God’s kingdom and how, by trusting Jesus as King, people can be part of God’s kingdom forever.

C1 – Thematic Study on God’s Kingdom

  • Term 1 – God’s great kingdom plan: Samuel to David (Part 1)
  • Term 2 – Remember God is King: Solomon to Nehemiah (Part 2)

C2 – Life under King Jesus 

  • Term 3 – Jesus is the King of God’s Kingdom: John’s Gospel
  • Term 4 – Living in God’s kingdom: Being a King’s kid

Bible Timelines are included at the beginning of each unit to encourage an understanding of where each lesson fits within the flow of the Bible story. Easter is always at end of Term 1, meaning that some themes do backtrack through the Bible. A specific Christmas lesson is also included in each Cycle.

Year 6

The syllabus in Year 6 in Semester 1 concentrate on God and Jesus, who they are, what they have done, what people have done in response to God and what this means for people today. Basic Bible reading skills are introduced so the students can use the Bible to discover and apply biblical concepts for themselves.

In Semester 2, students look at what it means to be a Christian. Jesus is examined as the model for Christian living and further Bible study skills are introduced. Students look at the story of the early church and consider how church is still relevant today. These lessons also deal with contemporary problems that the students face in today’s world. Students explore what the Bible says and provide suggestions for dealing with these problems when they arise. The responsibilities of Christians to show God’s love to others are also discussed.