Something quite unique and special

Dear Friends,Your email circular stirred memories of Mosman Prep, memories going back to the nineteen forties. The School, Tibby Yarnold gave to me the foundation of all later learning and a great deal more. Tibby Yarnold was a great teacher and I was, and I am a beneficiary. I am enclosing a cheque for the general purposes of the School. Yours, with continuing gratitude. (Old Boy)”

There are few primary schools that have the privilege of having an Old Boys Union.

Our OBU is a passionate group of past students. They contribute significantly to the rich community at the heart of Mosman Prep. We value this connection immensely.

Over my first two years at Prep, I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting with the Old Boys Union Committee (led by Chairman Tommy Evans and Secretary Michael Cooper), speaking at the annual dinner, and meeting with some old boys during social gatherings. I have met old boys in their 90s, those in secondary school, those doing tertiary study, and many past students in between. I have heard them reminisce with great fondness about their Mosman Prep days, including the way their time at Prep shaped (in such a positive way) who they have become.

I am thankful to the Old Boys for their 2020 donation of an ‘interactive’ screen, used extensively for PDHPE lessons, sporting tactical instruction, assemblies and Chapel. Most recently they have committed $12,500 per annum for 4 years to a new scholarship, the Old Boys Yarnold Scholarship.

“Thank you for your lovely note and generous donation to Mosman Prep. I was thrilled to hear about your positive memories of the School and of Tibby Yarnold. It is wonderful to see that your time at Mosman Prep has impacted your life in such a positive way. Recently, I established a new scholarship for internal and external students called the ‘Old Boys Yarnold Scholarship’. Your generous donation will go towards supporting opportunities for boys to benefit from the wonderful education provided by the School.” (an excerpt from my response to the letter above)

Our new formalised ‘Secondary Schools Transition Program’ (developed, in part, using feedback from our Year 6 2019 cohort, after their first full year at secondary school) will see Old Boys return to Prep to share their wisdom on successful transition to and progression through secondary school.

Old Boys have been invited to visit the School as ‘primary resources’, sharing their experience of work and other passions which will inspire and enrich our boys.

Old Boys, and the Old Boys Union, are an extremely valued and precious part of our unique Mosman Prep Community. A community that provides a strong foundation of relationship and connection. On their physical departure from Mosman Prep, our old boys have available to them a powerful network of support, as they embrace their future in education, work and community life.

Peter Grimes | Headmaster